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This is Palsgaard’s 8th annual CSR report, covering the 2017 calendar year. It aims to provide a balanced overview that identifies the impacts and risks of our work with food ingredients and functional polymer additives, as well as our activities to counter these and to make positive contributions to a more sustainable world. Strategy, design, content and production by cylindr.

A few days ago, I came across Carina Rossi’s contribution on addressing the challenges you face as a consumer when you try to decipher the food labels. She puts it like this: ”If there are numbers or words I can’t pronounce in the ingredient list, I tend to stay away — surely they’re not OK, right?”

Living a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly important for consumers. But they still like to enjoy an occasional sweet treat. From America to China, across Europe and beyond, ice cream continues to be popular. Americans, for example, consume more than 10.4 litres of the delicious treat per capita each year. And countries like Finland and New Zealand consume 12.9 and 23 litres per capita, respectively.

The FIE 2017 events in Asia and Germany were packed with them, and they’re here to stay: Plant-based ingredients and formulations are one of the hottest trends in the food industry. And sustainably sourced and produced emulsifiers are perfectly positioned to support plant-based success stories.