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Welcome to our 2019 CSR report. The brought with it many exciting developments and achievements for VIKING Life-Saving Equipment. We acquired Drew Marine’s Fire Safety (FSR) division, which is one of the top three marine fire service providers in the world.

With a little careful planning, you can adopt some surprisingly effective energy-efficiency measures for your newbuilds, saving a lot of money in the long run, while also greening up operations.
New regulatory guidelines in recent years have progressed innovations in marine technology. Both vessel and equipment manufacturers alike have introduced solutions that answer the call of the IMO and EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index for new ships) to decrease energy consumption and emissions. Additionally, organisations such as the Danish-born Green Ship of the Future (GSF) are promoting the idea that emission-free maritime transport is an achievable near future for the industry, and financially sustainable, through the use of both existing, energy-efficient technology and also R&D into new digital technologies.

2018 was a year of achievements for VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S (VIKING). The most significant of these was the acquisition of Norway-based lifeboat and davits manufacturer, Norsafe, adding some 800 employees into the VIKING family. Norsafe has contributed to maritime safety for over a century and, through this acquisition, we have strengthened our presence and ability to service the maritime industry.

DESMI’s upgraded test bed technology is a vast improvement in performance testing. Once a pump is secured on its skid, an auto-cycle fills the pump cylinder with liquid, pushes the air out and automatically tests various points on a pre-determined pump curve. All the while, two viewing monitors provide a continuous and complete readout of the test results.

Welcome to our Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2017. Since its founding in 1960, VIKING has focused on saving passengers and crew in life-threatening situations. For many years now, we have also worked to simplify the process for shipowners and other maritime decision makers when it comes to establishing and maintaining a high level of safety. We view our products and services as a contribution to creating a safer world. Our contributions also extend beyond our products and services, including our commitment to supporting the local communities in which we operate.

Around 70 percent of our planet’s surface is covered by sea water. Estimates vary, but the oceans contain about 1.5 quintillion (1,500,000,000,000,000,000) tons of the life-giving liquid – and there’s a lot more circulating in the air, in the ground and in our bodies. So you might imagine that providing sufficient water for the world’s population to survive and prosper isn’t much of a challenge.