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Together with Marketing Selector and Arla Foods Ingredients, we produced these short videos about Arla Foods Ingredients’ ‘Responsible Nutrition’ program. Here, the CEO, senior staff and subject matter experts share their perspectives.

Responsible nutrition isn’t just part of our origins, it’s our mindset. Our sustainability journey began over 40 years ago – when our company was founded. We wanted to get more food out of the same resources by converting unused whey streams into animal feed and more.

Whey is commonly known in endurance training and fitness circles as a highly effective nutritional aid for muscle recovery. But what about its ‘green’ factor? Results from a recent study surprisingly indicate that dry whey is almost the most environmentally-efficient protein source.

Natural and essential for health, protein is being embraced by even the most health-conscious consumers as a “permission to indulge” ingredient. It’s a fast-emerging and transformative shift in the way some consumers think – thanks to dairy protein, consumers no longer have to pick indulgence over health – they can have both at the same time.
In an era where health and well-being are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, recommended protein amounts are a constant discussion. Each country or organisation report of fairly similar recommended amounts, but what if these standards are out of date and not communicated accurately by the media and health professionals? It is time to modernize protein requirements globally!
Donald K. Layman, Professor Emeritus, Nutrition, University of Illinois, has spent decades studying protein and its effects on health. One of the proteins that fascinates him the most, and which holds enormous promise, is alpha-lactalbumin.