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Responsible nutrition isn’t just part of our origins, it’s our mindset. Our sustainability journey began over 40 years ago – when our company was founded. We wanted to get more food out of the same resources by converting unused whey streams into animal feed and more.

For this website, representing one of the African continent’s largest ever energy projects, we helped plan, write, design and publish the entire site for its launch in June 2020. Now, we maintain the site on a daily basis.

We wrote the content for the re-launch of Weibel’s website. This included all the technical product information dealing with Doppler radar technology based on interviews with several engineers and sales staff. We also wrote the company story based on interviews with company management. The content was published directly in the site’s CMS.

Domestic animal diseases often have a tremendous effect on local and global economies, as well as posing a potential threat to public health. Vaccines can serve as a powerful tool for combating transmission, but quality is key. To aid efforts that move us closer to a disease-free world, GEA provides equipment to assist in the complete production process of these high-quality vaccines.

One of the key issues continuously facing confectioners is heat. Pumping chocolate is a delicate process and it’s easy for production to get clogged up, literally. Pumps that operate too fast or under too much pressure result in turning the heat up on a product that is very sensitive to temperature.  

Total has a long history in the energy business and is committed to continuously providing reliable, clean energy to as many people as possible, now, and in the future. Total’s ambition is to be the responsible energy major, and we play an active part in tackling climate change.