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Babies are the best. They’ll grow up to lead our future. But they need the best possible start in life. Through the world’s leading infant nutrition producers, our scientifically documented whey-based ingredients are the cornerstones of safe and highly nutritious solutions that promote healthy pregnancies and aid the growth and development of infants and toddlers.

Protein powder may be making its way into home recipes for healthier, high-protein snacks and meals, but issues remain on how it is marketed to the masses.
In my analysis of the food and beverage market, I’m seeing a transformation in the breadth of how whey protein is being used, and who’s using it. I call it “mainstreamisation”. The English might not be perfect, but I think it’s nevertheless a very fitting description.
It’s a key question for athletes and in recent years, it’s also being asked by a broadening section of the world’s population: How much protein should people ideally consume?
What’s hot in the world of food, nutrition and health for 2019 and beyond? Protein continues to be a key health trend amongst consumers, but how much is the health halo effect influencing its popularity?

Whey protein is rapidly becoming a popular ingredient in clinical applications, thanks to its full complement of essential amino acids as well as several other bioactive constituents that together support treatment regimes for a number of common conditions, including sarcopenia, obesity and malnutrition, post-illness recovery. Such far-reaching potential is seeing rising global demand for whey protein in clinical nutrition, heading for USD 1.5 billion in sales by 2023.