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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on the working landscape. As companies have been forced to activate distributed, remote workforces at a rate never seen before, many aspects of the workplace will never be the same again. That is asking questions of the organisation’s ability to deliver on ‘employee experience’ – giving employees the flexibility to work where and how they prefer.

Therese Cooney

Wind the clock back to early 2020. Back then, it may have been difficult to see opportunity at a time of such rapid disruption. The widespread shift to remote work was hard and fast, and it was a matter of keeping the business running as best you could.

Pascale Van Damme

Responsible nutrition isn’t just part of our origins, it’s our mindset. Our sustainability journey began over 40 years ago – when our company was founded. We wanted to get more food out of the same resources by converting unused whey streams into animal feed and more.

Replacing filter bags on demand may seem like a convenient way of managing maintenance costs. But waiting to replace bags at the point of failure, or just before, can lead to a greater risk of non-compliance with emissions standards, higher costs, and higher overall emissions levels. So why are some cement producers opting for partial replacement over full?

For this website, representing one of the African continent’s largest ever energy projects, we helped plan, write, design and publish the entire site for its launch in June 2020. Now, we maintain the site on a daily basis.

We wrote the content for the re-launch of Weibel’s website. This included all the technical product information dealing with Doppler radar technology based on interviews with several engineers and sales staff. We also wrote the company story based on interviews with company management. The content was published directly in the site’s CMS.