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Moving up to the next level of fresh-keeping pastry. It’s no secret that starch is the primary cause of staling in soft pastries. If you’re an experienced croissant baker, you may already deal with it in various ways, for example by using hydrates of distilled monoglycerides, which interact with starch to provide superior anti-staling performance.

The quality of the products from leading Latin American dairy producer, Dos Pinos, originates from its own feed plant, where all the raw materials and finished feed for cattle are tested in a sophisticated feed laboratory.

The most straight-forward explanation of “chemometrics” (a word coined by Svente Wold in 1972, so it is now 40 years old!) that I have employed for many years is: “Chemometrics is concerned with the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to extract chemical and physical information from complex data”.